Made by Vegans,
Tested on Humans

Once a month we send you a box of snacks that we have formulated and prepared with one purpose; to help you in between meals by eliminating mental and physical fatigue.

100% Plant Based

All our snacks are nutritionally dense, 100% plant based and created to conveniently get you to your next meal.


Get on the pre-launch list

Vegan Labs launches soon and we're excited to share what we've been working for nearly a year with everyone, 100% raw, organic snacks that are beyond delicious Subscriptions launch June 1st with a small initial group of clients. We are committed to a slow roll out, ensuring the right capacity to meet demand. If you want to be considered for the June 1st launch please enter your name and email.

The Veginning

We are the founders of The Veginning magazine. From our original, editorial content to our monthly round-up of vegan news, we believe it's one of the most compelling online vegan magazines around (and don't worry, no smoothie bowl recipes - we promise).