Our Story

(so far)

I created Vegan Labs and our products because of a personal need. I was unable to effectively, consistently, and conveniently get from one meal to the next.

I'd arrive at lunch time dazed and confused, causing me to overeat. Or I'd graze all morning and not be hungry until mid-afternoon. I often found I would arrive home after work starving, feeling scattered, distracted, and suffering from brain fog. I was irritable and unable to focus on my family. It was hard to make dinner because I wasn't present and I often ended up rushing and the end result was a less than meaningful dinner experience.

So, I created a well thought out snack plan. I needed a consistent number of calories, with lots of protein, important minerals, and healthy fats. I then started do this for the rest of the family, then friends, then strangers, and now, finally, you!

Vegan Labs was established to conveniently get people from one meal to the next with functional and thoughtful ingredient combinations.


Meet the founder - Craig Morantz


Meet the founder

Craig Morantz is a writer, cook and a lover of adventure travel. He's happiest without wi-fi and a dead cell phone battery. When he's not starting or operating businesses he's figuring out ways to expand his knowledge by digging into books and research on life's challenging issues.

When we select an ingredient we go through a thorough process of following the supply chain all the way back to the farmer. We don't purchase anything if we don't know its origin. Promise.

In business, the fact is, not everything always goes as planned, some things fall outside of our control or things happen that we could not have predicted. But, we can control how we react to these issues and we promise to always make things right. Seriously, we pinky promise.

When you reach out, we will respond quickly and effectively. We know nothing is more frustrating than wondering if someone will respond or when they do, if they will be helpful. Our promise is to always get back to you, always be helpful, and resolve issues quickly.

We promise.